The Survival

The Survival

The World has been thrown into termoil, Zombies roam the streets, join as the only survivors, kids 19 and under try to survive in the small town of Trenton,Ontario, Canada
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 The Survival Plot

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David Stitt
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,

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PostSubject: The Survival Plot   Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:27 pm

It was just a normal day for Dimitri Lowie, David Stitt, Robert Moore and Ethan Bryans, but that all changed when everyone over the age of 20 fell down dead. if that wasn't bad enough, they came back to life, but with one added problem, the hunger for flesh. lucky for Trenton, these 4 had a plan.

Dimitri gathered as many kids on the east end as he could before he marched on Independant.

David gathered weapons and supplies, saved Roberts butt, and gathered as many kids on the west end as possible , then marched on independant, joining forces with Dimitri to take the store. they took it with not even one death.

Ethan came along an hour later, after watching his best friend die.

These four took command, fortifying the store with whatever they could find, and settled in for a nights rest.

in the early morning, a small army of kids came down the road from belleville, and helped them take Canadian tire, and the next day, raid  the Base.

David found a secret bunker, where they learned that the Goverment screwed up 20 years ago, infecting the whole planet, but this bunker had what they needed to survive, food, supplies, weapons ammo. there were two swords in glass, one red, and one blue. David donned the red one, and Dimitri the blue.

they suffered heavy causalities at the base, but still had enough to fully fortify the two stores. they now have weapons galore, and enough food to last them half a year if they pig out, a year if they are careful. now join them as they try to drive the Zombies from their home. You can make a difference!
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The Survival Plot
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