The Survival

The Survival

The World has been thrown into termoil, Zombies roam the streets, join as the only survivors, kids 19 and under try to survive in the small town of Trenton,Ontario, Canada
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 Alice Graham

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Alice Graham


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Location : Liverpool, England

PostSubject: Alice Graham   Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:27 pm

Name(first,last): Alice Graham

Age(max 19): 16

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Physical Description: Red hair, hazel coloured eyes, pale skin, 5ft 5 with a fit but curvy body type.

Special features: Scar across left collar bone from her shoulder to the top of her sternum and is normally seen wearing glasses.

Personality: Alice is an intelligent and curious girl, with a great sense of humour; she can be very persuasive, very stubborn and have a short temper when provoked. She is usually seen with a straight expression, but she is generally a content person and can often be heard singing to herself as she goes about her business.

Personal Backround: Alice loved imagination. She was fond of history, theater, literature and culture because of the creativity behind them. She had a happy life, and got on with her few friends and her family well, but nowadays, Alice has no idea what has come of her parents and two older twin brothers, Thomas and Jack or her friends since the outbreak. She tries to hide her fear for them but sometimes it all gets a little too much.

Name: Claire Graham
age: 40
undead or dead: Unknown

Name: Richard Graham
Age: 45
Undead or dead: Unknown

Name: Jack Graham
Relation: Brother
age: 18
Living, undead or dead: Unknown

Name: Thomas Graham
Relation: Brother
age: 18
Living, undead or dead: Unknown

Weapons and Dress Style:
Tries to avoid fighting as much as possible, but her preferred weapons are having two ice picks as as well as being useful as a weapon, they are good for climbing as well. She tends to wear black skinny jeans, cherry red Doc Martens, black leather jacket and band t-shirt.
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David Stitt
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,

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Age : 20
Location : Trenton

Character sheet
Weapons: Zar'roc (red one and half handed sword) 2 hunting knifes, P90, two Desert Eagles, bow and Arrow, Kitchen Knife

PostSubject: Re: Alice Graham   Fri Oct 03, 2014 2:34 pm


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Alice Graham
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