The Survival

The Survival

The World has been thrown into termoil, Zombies roam the streets, join as the only survivors, kids 19 and under try to survive in the small town of Trenton,Ontario, Canada
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 Robert Moore

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Robert Moore
The Stratagist, battle expert, and your friendly
The Stratagist, battle expert, and your friendly

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PostSubject: Robert Moore    Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:53 pm

Name(first,last):Robert Moore

Age(max 19): 15

Hometown: Toronto

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Description: Brown short hair, green eyes, 6'7, lean but strong

Special features:none

Personality:Robert is a kind person, but can get a little self centered at times, which is why he opted out of being 2nd in command, he would rather think of tactics than other peoples well being, since it stresses him out.

Personal Backround: Robert was born in Toronto, but moved to Trenton at the age of 4. he went through junior kindergarten without any friends, but in senior kindergarten he met David Stitt, and has been friends with him ever since.

in 4th grade he moved to french immersion with David, where he met Codey Bacon and Ethan Bryans. it took him a while to trus tthem, but when he did, they became the great friends.

in 6th grade, a new person came to school, and, with in a couple short months, was friends with him. that was when the 5 started hatching a plan for a zombie apocalypse.

of course, when it happened, things didn't go to plan, Robert was almost overwhelmed in his back yard, thanks to his parents having a party, but his parents where no where in sight. if David and his small crew of 5 hadn't come up to save him, he would have died.

they made it to independent with no deaths

Robert then inherited third in command, since Ethan didn't want it. he became the strategist, which was what he liked, he didn't find much on the Base, but did enough to feel he did well.

now, he just awaits the next problem to arise..

Name:Elisabeth Moore
age: 48
undead or dead: undead

Name: Micheal Moore
Age: 50
Undead or dead: undead

Name: John Moore
Relation: Brother
age: 13
Living, undead or dead: unknown, probably dead (had autism)

Weapons and Dress Style:
he dons a Pitchfork, Bow and arrow, knifes, desert Eagle, a shotgun. wears cargo pants and t-shirts
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Robert Moore
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