The Survival

The Survival

The World has been thrown into termoil, Zombies roam the streets, join as the only survivors, kids 19 and under try to survive in the small town of Trenton,Ontario, Canada
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 Evangeline Faye

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Evangeline Faye
I Keep you safe, because I am a
I Keep you safe, because I am a

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Join date : 2014-01-17
Location : Trenton

Character sheet
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Guns

PostSubject: Evangeline Faye   Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:31 pm

Name(first,last): Evangeline Faye

Age(max 19): 17

Hometown: Trenton, Ontario, Canada

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Physical Description: Curvy, rather thin, with long legs.

Special features: Her piercing green eyes. A snake tattoo, swirling around her right ankle


Evangeline had always been a seductive yet badass girl. Her parents died when she was young, and she grew up with her older brother, that is now a Zombie. She was trained to fight from a very young age, and learned how to be cold and ruthless, but an excellent warrior. She could aim with her eyes closed and never miss.
Yet, she can be kind and loving to people that can understand her, or seduce her.

Personal Backround:

Evangeline lost her parents when she was really young. She grew up with her older brother, who is now a Zombie. Thankfully, he had trained her to fight since she was really young, and now, she is a very well trained killer.
When her brother became a Zombie, she almost gave up on everything, but decided that she would fight for the rest of the people, because she, herself, didn't want to become a disgusting living dead.

Name: Doesn't know
age: Doesn't know
undead or dead: Dead

Name: Doesn't know
Age: Doesn't know
Undead or dead: Dead

Name: Ryan Faye
Relation: Brother
age: 22
Living, undead or dead: Undead

Weapons and Dress Style:

She always wears leather, and dresses in black. She has never worn heels on her life, and hasn't dressed like a real woman. She knows how to show off her curves in her warrior outfits though.
Her weapons are a bow and arrows, which is what she is best at, but also, different types of guns.
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David Stitt
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,
Swordsmaster, Martial artist and your friendly,

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Join date : 2014-01-13
Age : 20
Location : Trenton

Character sheet
Weapons: Zar'roc (red one and half handed sword) 2 hunting knifes, P90, two Desert Eagles, bow and Arrow, Kitchen Knife

PostSubject: Re: Evangeline Faye   Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:33 pm


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Evangeline Faye
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