The Survival

The Survival

The World has been thrown into termoil, Zombies roam the streets, join as the only survivors, kids 19 and under try to survive in the small town of Trenton,Ontario, Canada
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 Dimitri Lowie

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Dimitri Lowie
The Sportsy
The Sportsy

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PostSubject: Dimitri Lowie   Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:23 pm

Name(first,last): Dimitri Lowie

Age(max 19):15

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Physical Description: Brown hair, Blue eyes, Buff, 6'1

Special features: None

Personality:Nice, caring, kind, he had that rare ability that gets people to follow him blindly, tends to think of the greater good.

Personal Background: Dimitri had the typical life of any fifteen year old, loving caring family. Good morals, did well in school was even on the football team. Him and sister had the life anyone would want, until the Zombies took over. Him being in a major city his family was hit hard and fast. His whole life was taken from him, he watched his mother and father killed right in front of him, it awakened a part in him that he never knew that he had. He took his father's gun that he had for safe storing for protection and killed the zombies attacking his family. He and his little sister laid over his parents for what it seemed like hours, crying and weeping over their dead bodies, or so they thought.

After time passed his sister noticed his mother's hand twitching and instant he jumped back and got in safe distance, suddenly it all made sense to him. All the news reports, everything. People who were bit would become the mindless monsters who took their life. Before his parents got back on their feet he shot them in the head. Putting together that was the only way they could be killed from his earlier encounter with them. As Kayla sat there and screamed they didn't notice the stray zombie coming from behind her until it was too late. She was bit in the throat. He instantly killed the zombie but from then on he couldn't think, it all went blank. Dimitri failed his parents and couldn't protect his little sister. As he did his parents he sat there crying over his sister's body, getting ready to end her like he should and have too. But when it came to it he couldn't, he raised the gun at her and when she got to her feet, he just couldn't.

All he could see was the sweet innocent little girl he watched and protected over his entire life. He got in the car and went north to Canada, trying to find away from the disease and infection. Along the way Dimitri raised a faction, gathering as many survivors he could. Dimitri has now found a place where he and his group can remain, living day by day seeing what is in store for them. Knowing he wouldn't be anywhere without David, his second in command and Jacob the best friend he always had from school, finding each other after all the death and chaos. Him in tow with his little sister and a girl being known as Devan and his little sister.

Name: Lydia Lowie
Age: 40
Undead or dead: Dead

Name: Peter Lowie
Age: 39
Undead or dead: Dead

Name: Kayla Lowie
Relation: Sister
Age: 8
Living, undead or dead: Undead

Weapons and Dress Style: Blue Sword, almost identical to David's in size and shape, maybe a bit longer, named "Brisingr", pump Shot Gun, M16, hunting knifes and Uzi. Dimitri usually wears a denim jacket, seeing it being tough and hard to rip. When he is out hunting and out on the battlefield he has a bandanna covering his forehead to stop sweat from getting in his eyes. When in camp he tends to wear his more causal clothes such as tees, tanks. You'll hardly ever see him outside of jeans though.  
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Dimitri Lowie
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